Clear aligners are removable, comfortable, and invisible. They fit easily into any lifestyle. Made of acrylic, the trays straighten your teeth similarly to braces but are removable. So you can still eat or drink what you’d like during treatment. You are also able to floss and brush with ease during your orthodontic journey.

Clear aligners do not utilize metal, which makes your mouth more comfortable and have less cause for abrasions that can occur from metal braces.

GoDontics™ brings clear aligners right to your door. We will match you with a set of clear aligners. You will have several aligner trays over the course of your treatment. Each aligner will make slight adjustments to your tooth position. Letting you live your life while your aligners slowly move your teeth into a beautiful and healthy smile.

Treatment timelines vary based on each individual’s needs determined by an orthodontist. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hicks today to learn more about clear aligners. Getting the smile you want has never been easier with GoDontics™.