The day you finish orthodontic treatment is an exciting one, but the work isn’t over just because your braces were removed or you finished your last aligner set. You’ll need to wear a retainer to ensure your teeth stay right where they should.

With the power of 3D technology, you’ll get a custom-fitted retainer delivered right to your door. And because we know that sometimes accidents happen, we make it as easy as possible to get a replacement retainer.

It’s important to replace your retainer periodically – over time, it can crack, get worn, or get dirty. GoDontics™ makes it as easy to replace your retainer as it is to replace your toothbrush. When you join our retainer program, you can get new retainers shipped directly to your home.

We offer two convenient retainer plans, each offering hundreds in savings. You can choose between one set of retainers a year for $99 or two sets of retainers a year for $179.

If you already have a set of retainers, don’t worry – we’ll ship a new set in six months. If the fit of your retainer changes due to dental work, such as fillings or bridges, or because you haven’t worn the retainer for a while, it’s important to schedule an appointment so we can get a new scan of your teeth. This will allow us to create a new set of retainers that will properly fit your smile.

Getting started with your retainers is as easy as 1, 2. 3!


Choose your subscription

Our goal is to deliver the best treatment directly to you, so you can choose how often you’d like to receive replacements. We offer one set a year for $99 or two sets a year for $179.


Schedule your 3D scan

In as little as 10 minutes, our 3D scanning technology will take updated images of your smile from which your retainers can be custom-created.


Get your retainers delivered to your doorstep

Most retainers typically ship within a week and will be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee the fit of your retainers, so if for some reason yours doesn’t feel right, we’ll be happy to remake it for free.

By following your orthodontist’s instructions on how to wear and care for your retainer, you’ll be on your way to a smile that will last a lifetime.