Our GoDontics™ team is always available to answer your questions but here are answers to a few commonly asked questions to get you started.

If braces are just cosmetic, do I really need to worry about orthodontic treatment?

This is a common misconception. While braces certainly provide a more beautiful smile, they do so much more than that! Orthodontic treatment works to create a perfectly aligned bite so that your teeth can fit together properly. This helps you chew, bite, and speak better. When your teeth and bite are aligned correctly, it also ensures your jaw, neck, and shoulders are more accurately aligned.

Aren’t braces unsightly and bulky?

Not all braces are designed the same. We use custom braces, which utilize advanced technology that provides smaller, more comfortable braces. And custom braces are even offered in clear braces, so your treatment can blend in instead of sticking out.

How long does treatment take with custom braces?

Custom braces typically provide much faster treatment times than traditional braces. And you don’t have to have as many recall appointments with your orthodontist, which is great for busy lives.

If custom braces works faster, does that mean treatment will be more painful?

No! Custom braces are able to work so effectively because of the customized brackets and wires. Your treatment plan is designed specifically for you, and custom braces are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Do custom braces provide a lasting result?

Yes, but it is important to wear a retainer after treatment to ensure your teeth remain in their new locations.

Can I choose clear aligners for my treatment?

Yes! Clear aligners are a great way for many patients to improve their smiles. We’ll even deliver your custom-made aligners right to your front door!

Are there other options that may work for me?

We also offer InBrace, a unique take on braces treatment. These braces are placed on the backside, or lingual side, of the teeth. This makes them completely invisible to others. They are the only fixed braces system on the market that offers both discretion and complete customization.

How do I get started with treatment?

Schedule a consultation via our website or by calling us at 844-4GOSMILE. Your first appointment will only take about 30 minutes, and we will come right to you.

Will I still receive a high standard of care from a mobile orthodontic practice?

Yes! We have everything you’d find in an office setting, just in our mobile van. We provide full-service orthodontics examination and services, all while still focusing on your safety and comfort.